back at school!

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We’re sitting up at our desks like good little students waiting for our instructor on branding and PR to begin…cant wait to learn new tricks!!

Yarn addiction? What yarn addiction…..

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Yarn addiction? What yarn addiction.....

I’ve been happily scouting free crochet and knitting patterns on the fabulous world wide web and dropping them into the Knotty Habits Pinterest boards. I have found my new addiction….and I suspect it’s only going to get better 😉
Click on the photo to get to our Pinterest profile and see what lovely stuff we’ve got so far.


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There’s nothing like beating your head against the computer for a week to make you realise you’re not quite as brilliant as you had thought. Links, tags, drop-down menus and front-page sliders, SEO strategies and plugins, and where the footer is my widget? How did I think building my own website would be straightforward?

Of course, SOME basic knowledge is essential. This I knew. And then chose to ignore. I just thought I could wing it, follow a logical direction and every so often, if I got stuck, I could always call on the Almighty Google or those trusty YouTubers to bail me out. I was slumming it in the ‘no previous knowledge’ zone just down the corridor from ‘blithely web oblivious’. Weblivious, that’s what I was. But today, I’m mostly clinging to the slipper side of a steep learning curve; one shimmy up, two slips down.

The underlying problem here is that I’m an obsessive crafter, not a techhead, although I want to be both. Why can’t I be both? I tackle crochet projects with zeal. I stare the most complex pattern in the eye and wrestle it to the ground. No matter how long it takes or how many times I have to rip back or ‘frog it’, I try never let a pattern get the better of me. The key is to be patient and follow directions either with rigid meticulousness or watching for pattern errors that could be throwing the finished item askew. Stick with it and you’ll be rewarded with something beautiful, something made by your very hands.

But web designing on the other hand, has me curled up gibbering in the corner, waves of self-doubt eroding my resolve. Time ticking away with little to show for my determined efforts. Thank goodness I’m a stubborn Irish woman! At last, a quality I can really use!

Us knotty gals – aka Asya and me (Eimear) – have a vision for our website. It will be everything that we have always wanted as fibre and wire crafters; an online resource of free knitting and crochet patterns and beautiful jewellery-making projects, where you can learn new techniques and buy quality, discount yarn and craft supplies, and even sell what you make…if you can bare to part with them!

So, thank you to WordPress and your battalion of theme and plugin creators for making this difficult task within the grasp of a techno-fool like me, and cheers to TSO Host in the UK for your 24/7 helpline – a wonderful service that I think I have single-handedly made you regret providing!

I know we’ll get there in the end.